Passionate about problem-solving, we evaluate concepts and provide strategic actionable proposals to help solve the critical issues facing our partners today. We work with industrial, academic, governmental and non-profit organisations, consulting on the deployment of low-powered sensory data networks and associated hardware solutions, whether off-the-shelf or bespoke. We utilise frontier technology in various ecosystems that power longevity and use the concepts of Web 3.0 to fully realise the Industrial Revolution 4.0.

Nature's Voice


Developments in low-power, long-range communications protocols in combination with the immutability that Blockchain offers, allow us to give nature a voice through technology. In the case of poaching, for example, we now see the ability for eliminating third-party databases where tracking information is vulnerable to being leaked due to corruption.


By asking the question "can we somehow track the poachers instead of the animals", we are collaborating with Imperial College London and the Moholoholo Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre, to find the solutions that are applicable and practical in the real world to turn the tide on natures decline.

Industry's Eyes & Ears

Connecting the Unconnected also means bringing technology to places that are outside of areas with readily available power and internet connectivity. We are addressing a significant challenge with our partners to provide Chain-of-Custody solutions for asset owners during storage and transportation outside of normal coverage areas.

Utilising LoRaWAN technology which enables efficient, secure, low-power device communication, we deploy devices that have a battery life measured in decades rather than days. Combining this technology with a Proof-of-Custody Blockchain allows for industry and institutions to further ensure that data transmission is secure and known only by the owning organisation.

Bringing Fans Closer


Working with our partners in Cardiff, we are providing Blockchain-backed networks and custom hardware to assist venues to securely open up post-COVID by leveraging technology to improve safety/security, fan experience and environmental efficiency.

Our approach is to bridge the gap between fans and clubs through a community approach, ensuring input from all interested parties, including spectators, teams management, contractors and emergency services.





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