What does Stofl mean?


Stofl is a shortened version of the name Stoffel.


Why did you choose the name Stofl?


The name was inspired by the tenacity and sheer will of a particular Honey Badger, namely Stoffel himself and the asynchronous protocol which gave rise to this new ecosystem - the Honey Badger BFT protocol.


What does Stofl actually do?


Stofl is currently seeking out projects with potential partners wishing to collaborate on ways to expand the IoT and Machine Communication Network ecosystem for industry. Our goal is to assist in laying the foundation for industry-specific M2M communications of the future and develop devices to provide partners with immutable, secure and accurate asset data, helping to propel ageing industries into the new age. 


How do I get involved?


If you have an idea or you want to ask us something, just reach out. We're still very much real people at this stage, the sooner you jump in, the greater the risk, the higher the reward. The later you jump in, the smaller the risk, the smaller the reward.


What is something you're working on right now?


Amongst many ongoing projects, we are currently working hard to secure a partnership with a Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre to form the foundation for a network testbed for wildlife protection purposes and developing our Custody Blockchain Protocol.


What are you looking to accomplish next year?


We would like to secure our first industry network partner to provide the necessary global infrastructure to test and solidify the concepts we are building with our partners.


What sort of support are you looking for?


We are open to any form of support, but we are particularly interested in mutually beneficial partnerships with which to further our individual goals.


What is Stofl's Long Term Goal?


There are many, but to name a few we intend to create a new blockchain token ecosystem designed to give nature a fighting chance of survival. Another of our goals is to launch a satellite network of our own 


What if none of my questions were answered?


If you have any questions, or just want to say hi, reach out below or send us an email at:


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