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Stofl Helium Blog Feature

Updated: Mar 16

"Stofl selects the people's network to connect the unconnected."

On the 4th of February 2021, Stofl featured on the Helium Blog as a New Network User. The post helped us gain further contacts and recognition within the ecosystem. We are extremely happy with our collaboration with Helium Inc. and expect to make big strides in all industries going forward.

“The company was formed with the intent of providing a launch-pad for IoT innovations to allow for the rapid development of low-power devices, and enabling accelerated growth and modernization in European and global industries.”

The above excerpt from the blog post shows that we have positioned ourselves as accelerators to technology by providing a launch-pad for innovation and rapid development.

Finding our stride

We are currently working with numerous academic, industrial, governmental and non-governmental partners to deliver meaningful and useful technologies that will improve our world. Some of our projects include, but are not limited to, anti-poaching, asset tracking, Incentivised Safety Management Systems and more.

Our company was founded on the basis of mutual cooperation and we are always happy to collaborate and expand our network. If you are looking for solutions or partners in the IoT space, please don't hesitate to get in touch.

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