Our goal is to securely connect the unconnected by deploying Blockchain-backed networks to serve the needs of industry, extending the Internet of Things to remote locations and modernising anachronistic operations. Blockchain and Low-Power WAN technology now extend themselves to a multitude of applications, allowing machines to communicate more efficiently and securely than ever before. 


Our company exists at the dawn of the Industrial Revolution 4.0 with a vibrant vision of the potentials for the future and a mission to facilitate the transition from the old to the new during this dynamic and burgeoning age for technology.


The name Stofl was inspired by Stoffel the Honey Badger who lives in the Moholoholo Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre in South Africa. Stoffel is highly intelligent and able to overcome any obstacles put in his way through sheer ingenuity and careful planning. It is with this passion, determination and discernment that we intend to solidify our position in the IoT sector over the next decade.

Problem Solvers


Stofl is formed of a team of avid entrepreneurs with extensive backgrounds in the transportation industry and comprehensive experience of deploying Blockchain-backed network ecosystems together with the associated required hardware. We are a bridge between industry and academia, promoting innovation, and ensuring a real-time bidirectional flow of knowledge, experience as well as practical problem-solving.​

We partner directly with industrial, academic, governmental and non-governmental organisations to deploy network solutions, assisting in connecting ageing systems and enhancing visibility and awareness of assets. We work with partners that see the advantage in pooling resources and expertise through mutually beneficial projects with a focus on finding practical solutions to the real challenges that are facing us today.

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