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Providing wireless coverage for low power Internet of Things (IoT) devices


Stofl was formed with the intent of providing a launch-pad for the ever-growing Internet of Things sector and to allow the rapid development of Low Power (LP) devices, enabling accelerated growth in European and Global industries.

At our core we are a team of entrepreneurs, having been successful in other industries which are changing at unprecedented rates, that believe embracing the changes afoot requires pooling resources to enable the great minds of our time to flourish.



At Stofl, we are acutely aware that within the near future all industrial sectors will need to undergo significant changes and modernisations, evolving every aspect of our current lives and needs as a society.

Our vision is to provide the infrastructure necessary for the development, testing, and deployment of IoT devices, assisting in expediting the implementation of crucial technologies by utilising the benefits of a decentralised LPWAN network. 


Our strategy involves bridging the gap between industry and technological development, fostering mutually beneficial relationships in order to minimise and mitigate the risk for companies, whilst facilitating the seamless exchange of technical know-how and industrial experience.


This strategy enables Stofl to expand such a network throughout Europe and elsewhere as well as funding market launches of new devices and start-up IoT based companies.

We believe that a thorough understanding of the societies in which we operate and a technological edge will enable Stofl to lead our partners towards a successful future.

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“Everything that can be automated will be automated.”

 Robert Cannon (1923-2017)
Professor of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Emeritus, Stanford University



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